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Sustainably Yours

By HariKirin

This little nonprofit, Gobinday, was conceived in the heartstrings of a Kundalini Yoga teaching community who began offering classes by donation, to everyone. They wanted to remove any physical or financial barriers to yoga

& meditation.

Now formally structured as a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) corporation, Gobinday continues to empower health, resilience and vitality, even in the face of significant health challenges.

In its first full fiscal year, 99 classes were provided, virtually and in person, by 4 volunteer teachers serving over 500 student visits and a handful of 1:1 sessions. By June of 2023, Gobinday is projected to serve over 700 students and 40 individual sessions.

Consistently, about 2/3 of attendees receive a great class for <=$5, with 20% coming for free.

Even with volunteer teachers and thrifty overhead, Gobinday’s class donation income won’t cover basic operational expenses such as rent, insurance, communications, and fees for annual IRS and state filing. Over the next fiscal year, Gobinday plans to continue to grow in service to at-risk communities, and will be adding plant-based nutritional coaching certified by the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.

Every person who comes to class, giving and receiving, builds this community.

Please celebrate Gobinday's achievements so far, and co-create its future. Any amount makes a difference:

Your donation of time and or treasure, given and received with gratitude, literally creates health and peacefulness in another human being. Thank you.

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