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Gobinday Yogic Health is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation which strives to empower health, resilience and vitality by improving access to stress-reduction techniques by individuals and communities who may not ordinarily access these services.  

Most chronic diseases are a result of stress-related and modifiable conditions. Science has documented that the practice of yoga, meditation and good nutrition reduce the burden of disease. We are a coalition of certified yoga teachers, yoga therapists, nutritionists and scientists who incorporate these practices into our lifestyle.  We wish to increase access to these modalities to others by mitigating financial or physical barriers through affordable yoga classes and one on one professional care. Our nonprofit, pay it forward model makes this possible by membership donations within an inclusive, caring community. One person’s wellness creates wellness in another.


Gobinday Yogic Health strives to:

1. Promote health, health recovery, well-being and stress reduction within a caring community.  We teach lifestyle change for healthy habits, nutrition, and the technology of mindful, medical yoga therapy, yoga classes, and meditation.  


2. Provide alliance and outreach to communities in Central Massachusetts and beyond, who may not ordinarily access these services. These communities may include, but not be limited to, all abilities, financial challenges, various ages, faiths, people who have been marginalized due to racism or other social construct, gender identity/expression, sexual preference, transgender, gender nonbinary, diverse body habitus, or medical diagnoses.  Alliance and outreach will also include frontline workers, health care providers, first responders, caregivers, and those with or at risk for chronic illness.  


3.  Promote access to these services by researching community goals and needs, and addressing  financial and physical barriers.  For example, goals will include donation-based classes, remote classes, and in-person sites will be handicap accessible. 


4.  Promote excellence in these areas of service through evidenced-based practices and continued outcomes research including, but not limited to happiness, self-efficacy, and compassion resilience.    

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