We offer Yoga for All weekly group classes which combine warmups, breathing exercises, a physical yoga set, deep relaxation and meditation with or without mantra.   Adaptable to a chair. 

Choose your exchange for class, as low a $5.

Your optional payment above $5 helps pay it forward in this community.  

On Zoom Mondays,  In person Thursdays at the First Unitarian Church, 90Main St, Worcester, MA, USA

 Starting August 3: In Person Wednesdays in Oxford, MA

6:00-7:30 pm with BachanDev Kaur/ Anne

Check out weekly announcements about class details on the Gobinday Facebook Page

1-on-1 Medical Yoga Therapy  sessions.  Schedule a free, virtual hello appointment with Hari Kirin first to identify goals and get to know you.  We will schedule your first appointment  from there.   


What is yoga therapy?

Questions? Reach out to hello@gobinday.org for more information.  

Our Offerings

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Gobinday describes that aspect of the Infinite which sustains us. 


Sustaining Practices: A wealth of scientific evidence supports that even gradual, gentle time spent with yoga, meditation, nutrition and lifestyle habits reduces inflammation, anxiety and depression. 

When you participate in classes or sessions,  you strengthen and empower 

your unique ability for happiness, from within.  


Sustaining Equity: Paying it forward, you overcome financial barriers

and enable classes, sessions, and positive results for friends in this community.


Sustaining Community: Online or In Person, we are stronger by our shared experiences and kindness.