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Sacred in the Ordinary

By HariKirin

Miracles are everywhere, when we open our eyes to them, when we open our heart to experience them. All contemplative practices support this idea. This week we celebrate stories of liberation and resurrection. In our hearts, the cold stone of winter gives way to birds and blossoms, feathers, and hope.

Kundalini yoga is a contemplative and somatic practice which has its roots in Ayurveda, Vedic teachings, yoga and yogic philosophy. When we move the body, with the breath, in a targeted, rhythmic fashion, we open up the energies of the underlying organs, such as the liver and kidneys for flushing and cleansing.

Biology informs us that any exercise clears lymphatics, improves cardio-respiratory function, and flips neuroactive molecules to a more positive mental state. For example, runner's high is mediated by endocannabinoid molecules within the connective tissue. Our bodies produce these molecules, structurally similar to molecules in the cannabis plant. The first endocannabinoid that was discovered was named anandamide after the Sanskrit word ananda for bliss. All of us have tiny cannabis-like molecules, made freely and intelligently by our own bodies, found in our own tissues and brains. We've all heard of the mind-body connection: how our thoughts create our biology. Likewise, there is a body-mind impact through the endocannabinoid system: it's why we feel great after yoga or massage.

By yogic philosophy, we understand subtle energies in the body, such as those leveraged by accupuncture. By consciously breathing, moving, resting and meditating within a kundalini yoga class, we move biology and subtle systems to create a stable emotional foundation and physical well-being. The physical yoga creates headspace for meditation. By developing the meditative neutral mind, we clear old patterning which no longer serves us, and strengthen calm resilience as our new anchor.

Whatever mind body/body-mind practices we find supportive, let’s continue to open ourselves up to the wonders already present in our lives. Let's notice the miracles within us and all around us, from this window of our own sacred human vessel, enjoying a breathtaking spring.

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