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Cosmos and Beets

by HariKirin

We plant the cosmos near the squash, to assist the pollinators in finding the squash flowers. I love the airy quality of stringy cosmos flowers as they reach frivolously tender, pink and yellow petals toward the sun. They do this on impossibly shallow roots. To me, it seems they are worshipping the sunny breezes with wild abandon, not grounded at all.

In the next bed germinate the beets, who spend their lives underground, creating a small canopy of sturdy, edible leaves. They do not bob and dance with their windswept neighbors. They grow steadily. They meditate. We harvest and rejoice in eating these quiet, hearty purple globes and their chard like leaves.

These two neighbors are similar in color, and that's it. Yet each is contributing to their community of soil and canopy environments in the garden, in their unique way. Who knows what kind of sophisticated communications are going on on the microbiological level! Each is nourishing to the human gardener: one for the glad heart, the other for the happy belly. Eating beets will fill my biology with loads of vitamins and minerals. Eating tiny bits of soil from them will ground me. Seeing cosmos (some variations have edible petals, but I haven't tried this yet) will flip my brain's pathways and neurotransmitters from whatever wasteful worry was festering, into sunshiny, unbridled joy.

For what else is there to be human, but to feel the support of mother earth, even while soaring with the eagles in heart and soul?

To me, yoga grows beets, cosmos, and everything in between. Yogic philosophy describes chakras of various densities with natural homes in different parts of the body. In my first yoga days, I must admit, I was an airy cosmos, high on life, so thrilled with this amazing technology! Over the years, I have learned that my best personal practice is both grounded and joyful. Just like these two plants, at home with their unique relationship with mother earth, I can be at home in the body.

I can calm the ferocity of the windy mind into veracity of neutral presence. I am ever grateful for the tools of yoga and meditation, and very very joyful to share them. Namaste and Sat Nam.

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