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Share the Warmth:
Fall 2023 Fundraiser

Give Through Dec 31st and Double Your Impact!

First $1,111 is Donor Matched!

We are happy to announce our second annual Share the Warmth Fall Fundraiser. 


The change of seasons and the beautiful warm colors we are currently surrounded by here in New England remind us of the warmth that resides within each one of us. It’s our choice to either keep it within, or share this warmth with others in our communities, creating an interconnected web of kindness, compassion, and light.


Please join us in sharing your warmth and generosity to keep yoga and meditation accessible to all once again this year.


As a result of your financial donations last year, we were able to offer free classes to over 100 people in need. 


In fiscal year ending June 2023, four volunteer teachers served 705 people-class sessions. Seventy-six per cent attended class for their choice of exchange, $9 or less. Of these, 225 had a great class for $5 and 175 for free. The rest paid it forward. There is a rainbow of giving and receiving and we are so grateful. 


Gobinday Yogic Health’s mission is to provide access to yoga and meditation for ALL, no matter a person's background, level of practice, or financial circumstances. We know the potency of having a regular practice and we want everyone to be able to experience this!


Thank you for keeping this good work alive.

All donations are fully tax deductible.

You may mail a donation check, anytime,  to

Gobinday Yogic Health

c/o First Unitarian Church,

90 Main Street,

Worcester, MA 01608. 

Thank you for being an integral member of this community.

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