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Image by Becca Tapert
Victory '23 :
Most Thursdays 11am-12:15pm

•We all need a boost sometimes, to recharge our sense of purpose in life.  Spend time playing with yoga/meditation/breathwork specially designed to empower unique inner resources.  We start with what is working fine, and layer mastery at your own pace.  This builds self efficacy, meets challenges from a new perspective, and instills a sense of joy in a daily practice.   We are enjoying vegan yogi tea, snacks, and great conversation after class!

•You may drop into class for a stand-alone yoga and meditation experience, or opt into a layered approach. 

Enjoying a group class may be augmented with personalized 1:1 for yoga therapy.  If you'd like to explore this option: 

sign up for a free 20 min goal setting session.  In that session we will book a 1:1 yoga therapy intake.  Email us at if you need a different time slot for the free meet and greet.  Pricing: Gobinday exists to pay it forward, on your chosen sliding scale.  Check out 1:1 pricing here

•1:1 sessions may be booked in person in Worcester or online.





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