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Feel Better Now

by donation for everyone

What is Yogic Health?

Gobinday means Sustainer.  We offer practical, daily tools for flourishing health. 

Suitable for anyone, including those participating in a chair, join kundalini yoga for all classes to de-stress and re-set.

1:1 personalized medical yoga therapy/lifestyle health/nutrition.

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Gobinday means sustainer: we offer practical, daily tools to sustain health, happiness & resilience.

This  by-donation, nonprofit model means that one person’s practice helps sustain another.


Gobinday Yogic Health meets each individual’s unique strengths and starting point, creating safe space for each person to access the benefits of yoga and meditation at their own pace and embodiment.


We formed Kundalini Yoga for All in 2007, teaching by donation & forwarding to nonprofits such as the Worcester County Food Bank and the Interfaith Hospitality Network. More teachers joined us.  We taught Prenatal Yoga, and chair yoga in the outpatient psychiatry department at Umass, at Community Health Link and other centers.  We’ve continued onsite at the First Unitarian Church in downtown Worcester since 2007.  The universal stress load of the pandemic inspired us to  formally organize as a nonprofit.  Our ongoing intention is to widen our circle of service.  Therapeutically applied yoga and meditation can help  transform stress, anxiety, burnout. These practices support hope for wellness even within the experience of significant health challenges.


People who want to feel better from stress related symptoms, burnout, or any health challenge/illness notice gentle results .  

Simple breathwork, yoga and meditation are evidence-based tools for resetting energy and helping to heal trauma, grief, anxiety.   

Inclusive empowerment infuses

the vibe of any class or session. 

Ongoing home practice strengthens and restores inner balance.

We offer practices that people of any age, ability or budget can access. 

Your Tax-deductible gift pays it forward 


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