Happiness from Within


by donation, for everyone

What is Yogic Health?

Through breath, movement, relaxation & meditation, we access a medicine cabinet within.  

Over time and practice, we feel lighter, calmer, and more resilient.  

Suitable for anyone, including those participating in a chair, join kundalini yoga for all classes to de-stress and re-set.

1:1 personalized medical yoga therapy/lifestyle health/nutrition.

Gobinday means Sustainer.  We offer practical, daily tools for flourishing health. 

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Yoga by the Sea
Laughing Yoga


We began teaching yoga by donation in  central Massachusetts in 2007.   Some folks would put in a dollar or a coin for class, some a bit more, and together we paid for the space we used and kept communications going.  

Since then we have grown into a formal nonprofit so we may serve more.   You choose what you pay for class and sessions.  We fundraise and grant write to keep the lights on. 

Your engagement as a donor, a student, client, or leader in this community creates harmony,  peace, and hope.  

We we create peace locally, it has a global effect.  


We empower health & hope

via simple, practical tools.  

We meet the unique strength and starting point of the individual no matter what  the current stress or health challenge.   

Through the options of group classes for every body, nutritional support, and1:1 medical yoga therapy,  we build awareness, guidance, support, and results. 


People who want to feel better from stress related symptoms, burnout, or any health challenge/illness notice gentle results .  

Simple breathwork, yoga and meditation are evidence-based tools for resetting energy and helping to heal trauma, grief, anxiety.   

Kind acceptance is the vibe of any class. 

Ongoing home practice strengthens and restores inner balance.

We offer practices that people of any age or ability can access. 

We offer honor system sliding scale discount coupons, up to 100% off, to overcome any financial barrier. 

Your Tax-deductible gift pays it forward 


"Calm mind brings inner strength and

self-confidence, so that's very important for good health."

His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama

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