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Inching Into Spring

By HariKirin

Trees exhale the oxygen which we inhale. They are literally our planetary oxygen tank. The arborization of our human pulmonary trunk: into bronchioles, eventually alveoli, mirror a tree's branch and root system.

Right now in the northern hemisphere, trees are beginning to stir inside, knowing that the light is changing and spring will arrive before long.

This is a great time of year to continue contemplative practices. What still yearns for compassionate examination, now, in

the quiet season?

In which new areas will I grow this spring?

What creative endeavor is left unfinished, yearning for attention?

Today, we may wish to take a few moments and set ourselves into any mediative posture. Drop into simple breath awareness without trying to change the breath. Notice how it naturally becomes more relaxed within this awareness. From this place, we may wish to ask our inner, creative, compassionate and kindest self, "In which new areas will I grow this spring?"

As the response is heard, we may wish to journal. On another trip to the meditation cushion, we may wish to ask our inner guidance, what shall we put in place together, to support this growth? Then, the mind has the blueprint from the spirit, how to arrange things in time and space, best that we can.

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