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Plant Powered

The other day during the early evening, I laid down on the grass looking upward at the beautiful convergence of trees in my line of vision. Peripherally, I could see the additional plant greenery of a variety of shrubs. I then reflected upon all the different ways plants power my day. In that moment the connection with the trees powered a restorative connection between my mind and body. Earlier that day, my lunch-a mixture of vegetables and beans powered my focus and energy throughout the remainder of the afternoon. I continued to carry the plant-powered sentiment into the late evening, stopping to enjoy the sweet smell of several cream-colored cloud-like peonies whose light and airy scent reminded me of more summer plant treasures to arrive shortly.

In that moment connecting with the trees, I was grateful for the awareness of the myriad ways plants support me throughout the day.

How will plants power your day?

*Photo (C) Meg Nielson, Unsplash

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