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Equinox=Creative Balance

Listen to this blog and enjoy a 3 min breath practice here

As we rotate into this equinox moment, we are invited to find a creative balance. Like a painting. Like a dance. North of the equator, the leaves are turning color and falling. In the southern hemisphere, blossoms push forth.

So much in our life wants to blossom. What holds us back? So much in our life wants to be released. What are we holding, which is really ready to drift away into the breeze?

Embracing the equinox energy is a returning home, it is nourishing as a loved one’s cooking.

This is a special week! Let’s find a time to be in the quiet comfort of this moment.

We may wish to explore a natural environment like the woods, a field, or the ocean.

We may find joy in caring for plants, in our house or yard.

We may wish to walk with awareness of each heel strike, each toe push off, honoring the support mother earth and the simple joy of gravity's push and pull.

Whatever is turning and evolving in our lives, let’s embrace it with creativity, courage, and calm

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