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Elephants & Nanoparticles

by Dr. Hari Kirin

Today I am quietly pausing in honor of my immune system. She was given new information yesterday, in the form of the Pfizer COVID vaccine, first dose. I’m glad that today, I planned ahead to minimize distractions, so she can do her important work.

I know that my body works biological miracles with every breath, and every bite of food.

When I am mindful of a breath of sweet spring air, when I fully taste a blueberry, I believe that the gifts of oxygen & nutrients arrive more effectively. Still, I manage to forget this, while trapped in the glowing rectangle of a computer or other silly everyday endeavors!

I love my immune system. What a super hero! She defends me joyfully, she knows me inside out. She recreates herself constantly, yet remembers, softly, like an elephant.

Yes, the image of elephants nuzzling one another, touching sensitively, exuding peace and love..this is me and my immune system.

Today I receive all of the moment-to-moment miracles, within this human body, with joyful gratitude.

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