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At Home with Uncertainty

by HariKirin

Listen to this blog and enjoy a 3 min breath practice here

Waking up, I have a particular idea of how things might unfold. Each day, experiences pop up, which are quite different from my plan.

When I resist this difference, I become stressed. I notice my breathing is shallow, my heart quickens, and I feel constricted.

How foolish of me to think that I know anything about the future!

I am a human being. I have hopes and dreams. I have my fears and my reactivity.

When the surprise is delightful, I am not stressed.

I smile and sometimes laugh.

Ha! Yes, the emotional reactivity coin has two sides: liked & unliked, bidden and unbidden.

How can I even this out, and still be human?

For me, it starts with the breath. If I gentle my breathing, if I pause, and drop my awareness into the breath, I come home. This is a skill, like weight lifting or playing an instrument. With time on the mat, with breathwork/pranayama, and mindfulness meditation, I improve the neural pathways toward pausing and listening. When I am at home within my experience, I can spend less energy reaching for things outside of me. I am contained and content.

From this place, I can roll.

I can roll with the unexpected, the feared, and the delightful.

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