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Gratitude in Action

By HariKirin

What if thanksgiving was not a season but a very tiny, simply daily practice? What if I understood that my next inhale is not guaranteed... wouldn't I be extremely grateful, when it did occur? What if my next meal was not assumed to be in the fridge already... wouldn't I taste each bite, right now?

People living in conflict areas or poverty, people with terminal diagnoses... they have told us such things. We listen and do not hear. That busy mind is always sticking in another thought, another distraction.

We can conquer the busy mind with sitting, observing, and releasing what comes up.

It takes practice. Building the muscle of calm within the mind takes incremental practice.

And just like muscular strength, being present in the moment requires daily toning.

As we enter this busy season, let's find even a few moments in each day for our practice.

It will lead to ease and joy.

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