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You and Your Pranic Body

By HariKirin

Today is a day of optimism and new possibility. A clean slate. A season of new beginnings, of dreaming of what might be.

I enjoy finding out the sketch of the year in astrology and the Chinese zodiac. I mine the information for what inspires me to use my energy for good. Perhaps the kundalini yoga based numerology system might intrigue you in this way. Again, not as a rigid prescription, but an invitation to play here on the earth realm with greater energy and joy.

Other yoga traditions use the pancha maya kosha model to describe human energies. Kundalini yoga uses the concept that humans have not one, but 10 bodies. Both ideologies use the chakra system to help explain how we are earthlings grounded in our incarnation, while still able to meditate with the angels.

First body=the soul body, the part of us that has always been there, unwavering, constant, perfect. Yogis do not believe that this light has any tarnish at all. It is pure energy which comes from, and returns to a divine source.

2. Negative Mind: the part of the mind which warns us of danger: "get out of the street there's a car coming!" It is the swiftest of the three minds because we need this for survival.

3. Positive Mind: the part of the mind which expands and wants to create, which sees opportunity everywhere.

4. Neutral Mind: Ahh, this is the one we REALLY want to cultivate! The neutral mind sits like the wisest of judges to discern the input from the positive and negative minds, (those two can riff off each other into cascades of worry!) The neutral mind is quieter. We have to make time and space to hear it. Any form of meditation will strengthen our neutrality.

5. Physical Body: this is what we think of as our body. It is the human form the soul has taken for this particular earthly journey. It is a home and a temple for all the other bodies.

6. Arcline: literally every human has a halo. Pictures of saints/enlightened beings show how strong and bright the arcline can be. It is associated with intuition and is described as the center of the aura.

7. Aura: the energy field that surrounds the physical body, just like earth's magnetic field does for the planet. Considered both projection and protection, it is the vibe we put out there.

8. Pranic Body: literally breath energy: flows via channels throughout the body which traditional Chinese medicine describes as meridians, and yogis call nadis. Mind/body practices like yoga and tai chi open these channels for health and well being.

9. Subtle Body: an intentional calm presence, which we experience when we do anything that requires a gentle presence: such as care of an elder or child, creating art or music, and meditation. The subtle body is the best friend of the soul.

10. Radiant Body: the shiny glow that comes when we have the courage to be exactly who we are, to stand in our innate strength and manifest the gifts we have to share.

11. Alignment with Divinity/ Nonduality: the equal sign of the number eleven inspires us to show up with all ten bodies without naysaying any of them. It invites us to be one with a higher loving power of our own choosing, even while being completely human.

When we can explore and be present within all ten bodies, we play the game of life like a master musician, using all the notes. We can call on our radiant body when we need strength to get up and do our day. If we notice that our language could be less crude and more graceful, we could pick up that musical instrument we have set aside and work on the subtle body. We can spend more time listening and less time talking. We can meditate to balance the three minds.

The numerology of 2024 is 2+0+2+4=8. It is a year for our pranic bodies to flourish. Your prana is the life force you source from a conscious breath, a good night's sleep, a wonderful walk or jog, laughter with loved ones, a delicious spinach salad. When we reach outside of ourselves for energy drinks, caffeine, fast food we don't feed the pranic body. Those things will work mechanically in the physical body, but don't bring health. You are not a robot who can work 24/7. You are a human running on prana. Pranic energy is your birthright.

This year, consider one resolution: to cultivate your own joyful, evergreen, beautiful prana.

This is the lush garden of energy from within, which will light you up, just as you, being you, fully human.

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