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Two WaysTo Be a Bee

Walking today, I noticed a small pollinator, likely a mason bee, enfolding itself into the small petals of a scrappy roadside tree. The affinity between the dark, slender, vulnerable bee, and the small white petals was certain, strong, remarkable-- like love.

This is how the bee makes its living. She sustains herself by gathering pollen & sweet nectar. She revels in spring.  She does not have to decide to be exactly who she is.  She has no choice but to reap the rewards of being a bee.


I’ve been told in yogic philosophy, that all of the plant and animal kingdom is in automatic synchrony. We as humans, having free choice, have to decide/practice/cultivate what it takes to be in a flow state. How do we do this?

Here are two approaches.

1.Spend time in nature. If plants and animals are the experts on being in the flow, perhaps we ought to study them firsthand. Even a short visit to a local trail or park can flip a numbed out mindset into curiosity and smiles. The health benefits of forest bathing are well documented, including improved mood & immune function.

2. In yoga therapy we use a term “rhythmic strength”.  This describes healthy patterns pulsed through the day: regular windows of time for sleep, meals, work, play, and relaxation.  Your body understands ebb and flow.  Its music is a whoosh of blood pressure, pulse, breath.  Doctors and nurses call these vital signs. Your body can’t just push its blood supply 100% everywhere all the time.  Your heart and lungs would literally explode. Suddenly you recognize the toxicity of push.  You can say no to the extra chore/job/ask from a loved one.  You can take a break.  You can say enough already.  You've made the decision to be in synchrony with your own human nature.


Creating a rhythmic strength in your life restores, builds, and sustains vitality.  Pulse instead of push creates time and space for joy.  The bee hears the siren call of the blossom.  The well-rested person who pulses common-sense self-care is rewarded.  Not only with sleep, better digestion, and less stress -- also joy.  What will you gather? What is your sustenance which is just like being in love?


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