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Turtle Teachers

By HariKirin

This time of year, my husband and I rejoice in turtles, sunning themselves on logs. Kayaking this weekend, we count

ed dozens of turtles of all sizes, pointing their solar panel shells into the persistent afternoon sunshine. This is not just a day at the beach. Turtles are not only warming up their cold-blooded bodies, they are also metabolizing; moving calcium, which was depleted during their winter hibernation (brumation) underwater.

There are days when we feel that life is underwater, and there are days that life is a sunny beach. As we transition into the full swing of May and June, it is nice to pause, spread our toes like the turtles do, and soak up the warmth of the moment.

Turtles are teachers, So are mosquito bites and poison ivy. Things come into our lives, bidden and unbidden, even in this glorious season of weddings, graduations, and appreciation of parents and caregivers.

As we stretch our toes into the sunshine, as we adapt to insects and sunburns, let us continue to unfold in our ability to roll with what is, and to soften negativity. Meditation cultivates neutrality. So does a good rest.

The animal world understands the need to take care of itself without overthinking or second guessing. When we feel the need for a good stretch, or a little nap, or scheduling a down day after a busy run of it, let's give ourselves permission. Let’s notice that pausing brings us back into balance with the natural world, unfolding as it should.

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