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Updated: Nov 1, 2022

By HariKirin

Today we'd like to explore the next Yama: Truthfulness. In our current world, people define truth in myriad ways. This can get confusing when stated truths collide in dissonance.

Just as the fall leaves show their true colors, we all have individual truth. This is what resonates deeply from within. This innermost, personal truth reflects the inborn, powerful gift of light within. We often decorate this truth with stories from our life. Sometimes stories are supportive, and some distract us from light. Sometimes we try to cover up our light with stories that limit or diminish us.

We often participate in groups that share truths. For example, to me, the Boston Red Sox are the most wonderful team in baseball, every year, no matter whether they win or lose. I share this excitement with Red Sox Nation!

Universal truths are typically one-line statements. Many groups of people have a version of the same truth. The Golden Rule is one example. Kindness as a spiritual practice is another.

As individuals, we discern. We can hold a statement up to our guidance, and see if it resonates or not. This practice keeps us on track with inner light.

Life is constantly unfolding, and folding back upon itself. Keeping up with speaking and living inner truth can be very grounding.

Today I invite my inner guidance to keep me on the path of truthfulness to self, to others, and to the world. Today I dedicate my contemplative practices to assist me in this work.

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